Dave Askren

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BHS Stills rocks the best !!!!! Love the cool Jazz .....
Hi david me from high school? I'm still writing great songs ! Drop me a line. 937 272-8983, or drwhitt28@yahoo.com
Hi Dave, Love the website and the music. Great synthesis of sound and "feel" of the site. Excellent work. Nanc
Clicked on this from Facebook page from my brother Bobby in Ohio all sounds really good glad for you Dave !! Cindy Jones
you guys sound great
Dave, It's so cool that I'll actually be able to buy some of your stuff. None of mine ever made it that far. Right now I'm doing contemporary Christian music with a blues rock slant. I'll send you an mp3. You're right it probably has been closer to 30 years, but that makes us sound so old.
Dave,got e-mail from JB and am listening to some of oyur tunes.Love your playing!
Dave, it's Dave. Sweet site. Great to find you again. Love the path you have chosen.
Dave, Ah, the web! Found you while reading a Scott Yannow column in Jazz Scene. You sound great. I'm up in N. Cal, trying to run a "jazz club" but realizing the old saying is true, 'how do you end up with a million $ owning a jazz club? Start with 2 million.' Hope to get to LA soon and maybe you'll be playing somewhere. I have a son, Braden Smith who plays tenor and wants to get to LA after his last year of high school. Talk to Gary Owens often. Hope to see you soon. Good Luck, Steve Smith
Brother Dave - Really Nice Stuff!! See you on the road. Looking forward to more!!!
Hm...pretty good. Not a big jazz fan, but I can actually listen to this...
Was stuck out in darkest Dakota,
Love the site, Dave. I heard you playing "Recordame" on the Denver station today.
Dave, love the website and your music is most excellent.
I love it Dave! This is the first time I've checked out your official website! Nice job!
hi I love your music I am from mission elementary school going to play in band. :)
Hey! Good for you! Looking forward to your new CD!