Dave Askren

All About Jazz

Guitarist Dave Askren leads a stellar quartet on "Some Other Things" through a program of modern mainstream jazz originals and one standard. The leader's guitar speaks with clarion authority and a fresh attack that remains loose and confident. His sound takes hold and drives this enjoyable, personable session.


AMG allmusic guide

Guitarist Dave Askren writes complex originals, quirky pieces that often have unusual structures. The quartet on Some Other Things plays Askren's compositions with expertise...This music will grow on listeners.


Cadence Magazine

There's something instantly appealing about his unadorned and clean guitar tone, not to mention a set of compositions that are tuneful, challenging and smart...a quartet with the talent and group empathy to transform what might, in lesser hands, sound like an intellectual experiment, instead of the cheerful and bright model of improvisation that it is...


All About Jazz

One of the fresh surprises of this album (Rhubumba) is guitarist Dave Askren's lyrically flowing bop-flavored guitar lines, which hark back to Wes Montgomery and Grant Green.


Jazz Now

The memory lingers on, and the cult of Bill Evans is again given posthumous expression. The result is a triumph. This is not merely a selection of tunes performed by the famous Evans trios - the nuance, the feel, the entire "Evansness" of this tribute has been captured...



"Re: Bill Evans" is the kind of tribute album that is deserving of its own high regard... That guitarist Dave Askren was willing to tackle the challenge (of Bill Evans piano trio arrangements) is worthy of a tip of the hat. That he succeeds so admirably is worthy of wild applause.