Jazz history trickles through early tracks of the sequence, from the Jackie McLeanesque “Jackie’s Idea” to an homage to Rudy van Gelder’s mythic jazz studio compound, “Englewood Cliffs.” …Parts adding to an ultimately satisfying whole include Askren’s “Memories,” a moody, dusky waltz contrasting Benedict’s uptempo romper “Orange Express,” giving the leaders due stretching rights. ”

— Downbeat

Benedict’s alto is bright over the hip groove of “Jackie’s Idea” and bops well around McDevitt’s bass and Askren’s tasty strings on “Englewood Cliffs”… on the dreamy side Askren teams with Romaine’s brushes for a sinewy “Memories”. (Denver Sessions),a mile high climb worth the view.”

— Jazz Weekly

The (Denver Sessions) quintet lays down some of the finest grooves and vibes one will experience, making this session a pleasure beyond expectations. ”

— All About Jazz

'The Weather Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful' "Noteworthy soloists include trumpeter Steve Hawk, who tears it up plunger-style on Jones’ “Hikky Burr,” and guitarist Dave Askren, who takes three joyful rides over the course of 10 tracks.”

— Downbeat

The Jeff Benedict Big Big Band – The Weather Is Here O’s Notes: Saxophonist Jeff Benedict has been in the music since he was a kid. His passion and enthusiastic approach comes through in the music, and he performs with friends who share his passion. Guitarist Dave Askren steps up on “Ant Dance” and then makes it funky on “Tom and Jerry”, in homage to LA’s Tom Scott and Jerry Hey.”

— O’s Place Jazz Magazine

'Paraphernalia – Music Of wayne Shorter' is the perfect tribute to a master and legend by some of the finest musicians on the scene today. There is something for all music lovers of this delightful project.”

— L.A. Jazz Scene

The vast scope of moods that Askren and Benedict are able to capture is astounding, and this facility allows them to take the music of Wayne Shorter somewhere new and very exciting.”

— Jazz Journal

When something is not broke don't fix it, might truly apply to the longstanding musical collective of Askren and Benedict. They offer the listener a unique experience of groove-based compositions, and deceivingly easy to listen music, that actually offers a complex carbonation of effervescent tunes, that will excite and engage the listening experience, even for the most discerning jazz aficionado.” - Geannine Reid

— All About Jazz

Their latest concoction fusing jazz and groove is simply scrumptious.  Come Together is an amalgamation of top-notch players. Featuring: Dave Askren on guitar, Jeff Benedict on saxophone, Paul Romaine on drums, and Hammond B3 organist Joe Bagg. First and foremost, it is the feel and the groove, and both Benedict and Askren are in the pocket and killing it.  ” - Amity Hereweard

Chalked Up Reviews

Think Jimmy Smith, Shirley Scott, Stanley Turrentine and you get the idea. Punchy grooves and riffs based on familiar changes. Maybe the roots are in the seventies but the branches stretch from the start of time to tomorrow morning, maybe later. Four groove merchants well versed in the idiom capable of dissecting an unexpected piece - the title track, the Beatles' Come Together for example - and, you've guessed it, coming back together totally transformed. Willow Weep for Me is the aftermath of an emotional car crash. The tension builds as soon as the B3 takes off and doesn't unwind until the last few measures - phew! Frequent changes of mood and tempo such as the above lift this above that of a mere blowing session. Lots of thought has gone into the settings to create an album that doesn't just aim at your toes but also reaches out to your heart and soul. You get the feeling that they are having a ball and, if they are (they are), you can bet your bottom bitcoin that you are too!” - Lance

— Bebop Spoken Here